Switching solenoid normal SIN35V

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The SIN35V is a switching solenoid. Its design corresponds to VDE standard 0580. The steel housing is zinc coated as a standard. Static pressure tightness is 160 bars. All o-rings are Viton. The solenoids are fixed to the valve with four screws. Depending on the intended use, the solenoid can be supplied with a plug screw, or with integrated manual override. The connector plate corresponds to ISO 4400 and DIN 43650.

Accessories Switching solenoid normal SIN35V

Solenoid SIN35V
to VDE 0580
Plug plate to ISO 4400 / DIN 43650
Protection class IP65


Essential for hydraulic directional and poppet valves. Because of the risk of overheating, the solenoid must never be used separately. The lenght of the fixing screws depends on the base material of the body. An o-ring is used for the valve seal. Information on screws and o-rings will be found in the data sheets relating to the valves concerned. Before changing the plug screw or the screw with integrated manual override, care must be taken to ensure that the solenoid is not under pressure. Risk of injury! The maximum operating pressure is determinded by the valve actually used.