Pressure reducing valve manually adjustable

The cartridge valve in the nominal size of U10 controls the manually adjusted output pressure independently of the input pressure and the volume flow. Through the 3-way function, overpressures at the output of the valve can be actively relieved against the tank. This guarantees, at all times, a stable pressure on the consumer in the system. The optimised valve design results in very good...

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Solenoid spool valve explosion protection for Zone 0

With the new spool valve, directional functions in the nominal size of 4 can now be realised for zone 0. The valve is available as 4/3 and 4/2-way function and as a detented version. With a leakage of less than 20 ml/min at 120 bar, the valve is ideally suited for applications where small leakages play an important role. The valve with the designation WDZFA04 is also ideally suited for pilot...

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