New product PD3


Control electronics for proportional valves

For the simple and inexpensive control of a proportional valve, Wandfluh has developed the digital amplifier electronics PD3. The device can be mounted directly on a solenoid coil (see picture) or connected to a standard solenoid coil with a cable.

The device has a standardised IO-Link interface. It consists of a digital communication, via which the parameters, diagnostic data and the command are transmitted to the valve control. With the IO-Link interface, the PD3 electronics is prepared for IoT and Industry 4.0 functionalities.

In addition, the control can also be made as an analog voltage or current signal, or via a digital frequency or PWM signal.

The PD3 electronics is IP67-protected and has LEDs which indicate the status of the functional elements of the control.

In addition to the IO-Link option, also the well-known parameterisation software PASO is still available for parameterisation and diagnosis of the PD3 electronics. PASO is now connected to the device via a wireless Bluetooth connection. With this intuitive, Windows-based software and its graphical user interface, the entire signal flow is clearly visible. This allows the control to be parameterised quickly and easily and a function diagnosis to be created. In addition, an oscilloscope function is available with which signal characteristics of freely selectable signals of the control can be recorded synchronously.

Another possibility is a new Wandfluh app with which the PD3 electronics can also be parameterized and diagnosed.

Further details can be found in data sheet 1.13-66 or factsheet.

PD3 electronics will be available in series as from quarter 3/2019.