Ex-protection spool valve in stainless steel execution


Ex-protection spool valve in stainless steel execution WDYFA06_K9

Wandfluh has extended the proven flange spool valves for the modular valve assembly with an execution for use in explosive, harsh and corrosive environments. The valve is made of stainless materials and high-quality surface protection, it can switch volumes up to 50 l/min at up to 350 bar. Executions with 2-way and 3-way functions are available. An optional detent enables valve actuation with a short electrical impulse, and thus reduces energy consumption. The universally usable valve have a large number of diverse explosion protection certificates: ATEX, IECEx, UL/CSA, EAC, Nepsi, MA, Inmetro and Australia. Thus, it can be used worldwide in installations up to explosion protection zone 1 or 21 respectively as well as for mining.

The valve body and the cover are manufactured from stainless steel (AISI 316L). The solenoid coil and the armature tube are very well protected against corrosion by their zinc/nickel coating (1000 h in salt spray test).

The direct operated valve of nominal size NG6 is available as a 4/2-way and 4/3-way function with the designation WDYFA06...K9.

The valve regulates the direction of flow and thus the direction of movement or rotation of hydraulic actuators. It is mainly used in applications with continually changing weather conditions or in the vicinity of the sea.


Further details can be found in data sheet 1.3-34S.